Vision Statement

The Audio-Visual Ministry provides a broad range of media that enriches, enhances and cultivates the worship experience for the church and community at-large. As a result through audio and visual technology, the body of Christ is ministered to and edified.


Ministry Goals and Objectives

1) Responsible for all audio and visual media for the church. This includes but is not limited to: coordination of video                     equipment such as televisions and VCRs, overhead projectors, and screens
2) Responsible for developing and/or assisting with visual presentations during specials services and the providing visual aids     for the morning and /or evening announcements
3) Project and provide quality audio and video during the worship experience
4) Reproduction and archiving of services to include: morning and evening worship services, communion and other special         events
5) Reproduction and distribution of CD and taped media from worship services and special events.  These CDs and tapes           are produced for sale (at a normal fee) to the congregation following each morning service
6) CDs and tapes are also provided to minister to the sick and shut-in as well as visitors; and
7) Providing training for individuals on the proper use and care of equipment.